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Dawn HOA

2487 S. Gilbert Rd. #106-622

Gilbert, AZ 85295


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28 W. Juniper Ste. 205

Gilbert, AZ 85233


Please call us at 480-347-1900 or fill out our contact form.

Board Meetings

May 11, 2017


6:30 PM

Corona Baptist Church

4450 W. Ray Rd.

Chandler, AZ 85226


August 10th, 2017

Corona Baptist Church

4450 W. Ray Rd.

Chandler, AZ 85226


* please check back often, dates are subject to change*



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Pool Drainage

Pool Drainage

Ready to do some work on your pool? Before you start pumping out the water, you need to make sure that you are meeting the City's pool draining requirements. Please take a moment to read some "Frequently Asked Questions" about pool drainage.


Where do I drain my pool water?
The City of Chandler requires that all pool and spa water discharges be maintained on private property, or in a sanitary sewer cleanout on private property.  During general maintenance, when backwashing your pool, drainage into the sewer cleanout is not necessary as long as the discharge is maintained on your private property.
Does the City of Chandler require a permit to drain a pool?
No permit is needed prior to draining your pool, however, the water is required to be maintained on private property or in the sewer cleanout on private property.  It is no longer acceptable to discharge pool water into the roadway.  Pipes that are "hard plumbed" to discharge off property (i.e. to the street) are considered "a direct connection to the storm drain" and are prohibited.
Do I need to contact the City when I refill my pool?
Your are not required to contact the City of Chandler when you are refilling your pool, but residents should be aware of the rise in their utility bill due to the large consumption of water.  The City does not give discounts when refilling your pool. You can use your utility bill to calculate the estimated cost to refill your pool.  If you have any additional questions on your water usage please call 480-782-2280.
When did the City change their pool draining policy?
In 2006, the City updated its policy to make the pool draining process safer and more efficient.
What does a sewer cleanout look like?
The sewer cleanout is typically a three or four inch black pipe about level with the landscaping, typically located close to the home. It may have a black cap, with a raised square nut or a recessed slot, which can be unscrewed providing access for the pool water disposal. In a newer home, you may find that there are two cleanout pipes. In this case, the one closer to the home is the preferred access point.
Does the City have plans on file that shows where the sewer cleanout is located?

The City of Chandler does not keep or maintain records detailing location information for a sewer cleanout on private property. If you have trouble locating your sewer cleanout, or have questions on proper drainage or safe flow rates, consult a plumber.
What is the recommended flow rate to drain my pool?
The recommended flow rate is no greater than 12 gallons per minute. The safe flow rate may differ depending on the size of the drain line, distance to the sewer main, and the condition of the pipes.  It may be necessary to consult a plumber regarding a safe rate to discharge the pool water into the sewer clean out.


Article from the City of Chandler Website

Dawn updated Parking Rules

2016 Parking Rules - Final .pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [137.3 KB]


Here is the new and updated parking policy for Dawn HOA effective immediately.

The community has been having issues with parking in front of other peoples homes, making it hard for owners to get out of their driveways (must be 18 inches from driveways),  parking in front of fire hydrants ( must be 15 ft from a fire hydrant), etc.

We are asking that homeowner first park in the garages, then the driveways and if you must park in the street, please park in front of your own home. There is also additional parking along Kenneth & Terrace.

It is the boards hope that the new parking rules will help the community feel more organized and allow homeowners un-restricted access to their homes.

If you have any questions, please call Legacy Community Partners at 480-347-1900.

We thank you in advance for partnering with us in making your community    a   better place to live.



This committee  sponsors community planned events and parties. 


Committee Meetings will be held as often as needed at a location to be determined and posted prior to the scheduled meeting. 

Plan social gatherings such as block parties, neighborhood garage sale days, pool parties, holiday parties etc.


 Advise the HOA board & other committees on social issues/concerns.


* Those unable to attend the meetings, but are able to assist in the activities are welcome.

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